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How to attain photo recovery from various storage devices?

Photos give back the memories that you had in your past. You can capture all your joyful moments on your camera and store them on your devices. These pictures will be so valuable to you that you tend to preserve them all to keep the memories to last longer. Nowadays, pictures can be clicked on mobiles and digital cameras. As the demand for clarity in image has increased new cameras are coming up with upgraded pixel size. As the pixel of the camera is increased there is an increase in photo clarity as well.

Mobiles and digital cameras use memory cards to store the captured photos. These images can be transferred from memory cards to internal and external hard drives, USB drives etc and saved to be used in future. However, pictures stored in any of the storage device may tend to lose for one or the other reason which brings the necessity of recovery tools. To perform lost photo recovery from camera or any other storage device, you have to select the right tool matching your purpose for safe use. One of such utility is Photo Recovery from software. Using this software you can perform photo recovery from different storage medium. This page also explains how to recover deleted pictures from my computer as well.

Few reasons that cause loss of pictures from storage devices:

Best features available in Photo Recovery tool:

Memory card is popular nowadays as it can be used in digital camera, handycams, cell phones for storing photos. Sometimes you may lose files from it due to accidental formatting, software malfunction, virus attack, etc. You can use this tool to perform missing photo recovery from memory card.

Photo Recovery from devices like external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, memory sticks etc. can be easily accomplished using the tool's unique features. In order to attain only photo recovery from a storage device, the process can be customized by using the Signature Search option. This will enable the user to avoid unnecessary files from being retrieved & stored, while performing photo recovery from it.

In order to perform image recovery from Android click on Android photo recovery from various brands of Android phones.

Steps to be followed to perform photo recovery from different devices:

Step 1: Download Photo Recovery tool to your PC and perform an installation. Launch the application and select “Recover Photos” from first screen to accomplish deleted or lost photo recovery from different versions of Windows OS.

Photo Recovery From - Main Screen

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” from the displayed second screen. On selecting it the software pops up a screen to select the drive to perform photo recovery from it. Select the drive and click on “Next” option.

Photo Recovery From - Select Mode Screen

Step 3: When the scanning process completes, select and preview your file from the displayed list of recovered pictures and restore it back to your system when you purchase the product.

Photo Recovery From - Preview Photo Screen

Tips and suggestions

To ensure efficient photo recovery from a storage device, you need t keep the following things in mind.

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